May 02, 2012

WE LOVE WEAVING!!! :4th Grade

I LOVE WEAVING!  MY KIDS LOVE WEAVING!!!  WEAVING TAKES FOREVER!!!! ha ha  We spent 4 weeks in class working on our weavings, and they are looking AMAZING!  However, I have a few more things I need to hit to finish off the school year.   So after the 4 weeks in class...I open up my classroom at 7:45 so the kids can come in and continue to weave.  I have to kick them out about 7:58 so they can get to their classrooms(my room is on the 3rd & 4th grade hall)...but it is enough time to get a string or two done for most.  I am always so encouraged by the kids that come in extra to work.  Some even try to get their parents to bring them a bit earlier than normal so they can work.  I love seeing their energy and excitement for weaving.  One student actually wants to find a giant piece of cardboard and make a kid sized loom for a summer project.  I wouldn't put it past her!!!  


  1. I'm with you on lovin' weaving, but yes - some kids move SO slowly. Maybe weaving would be a topic for your NAEA workshop?

  2. Your student's weavings look very neat. Every year I try a new weaving technique in the hope that this will be the year without tears, the year of total weaving success. Not there yet!
    I'm with Phyl - weaving workshop would be great.