May 03, 2012

House Collages: Kindergarten

There are projects I do at the end of the year to make sure my student "get it".  With kindergarten I always tend to have a collage project to check cutting & gluing skills.  We are going to be working on these for two class times....this is end of day one.  I'm THRILLED!  They are looking great...and the future is lookin' bright here at Tulip Grove.  I have an amazing "crop" of great artists coming up!!


  1. I just started a kindergarten collaged city scape! I guess we're thinking on the same page here! These look great!

  2. I'm thinking collages would be great this time of year to start using up some of the paper in the scrap box. It seems like we use some... and then suddenly there's MORE! Where does it all come from?