May 29, 2012

New Shelves: Before & After

(I shared this a few post ago.)

(These are my "everyday" supplies.  I don't always like things out in the open like this, but these are the things we use all the time.  I want easy access so the kids can help pass things out & such. It may change when school starts back...I just was testing out the new shelves!!!)


  1. I see the white glue, but I'm trying to figure out what is in all those mysterious little colorful boxes on the lower shelves. Scissors? Pencils? Glue sticks? I can only guess what will fit in such little boxes. And what is the intriguing coiled up colorful stuff in the see-through boxes on the middle shelf? Wire? Pipe cleaners? String? Hmmm...

  2. Green boxes, boxes, markers...clear boxes, colored boxes, scissors. There is a box for each table(2 children). They are regular pencil boxes.

    The shoe boxes with white lids are my yarn boxes..each with a hole to feed the yarn through.

  3. I love your yarn boxes with the hole. I have a Yarn Barn, but being made of cardboard it's not super sturdy, and not always easy to see what the color is inside. I may have to try this if I can figure out the perfect place to put it.