May 02, 2012

Convention Presentation Proposals: HELP!

It looks like I might actually get to go this next year!!!  I've posted about this a year ago, but would really like some fresh perspective after the NY NAEA Convention.  What presentations were most meaningful to you?  What are you looking to learn more about that could be presented at convention??  LET ME KNOW!  I'd love to write up a proposal, but would never want to do something that was not meaningful/helpful to my peers!!


  1. I'll tell you the most popular ones! Anything hands on with real world applicable ideas. People gravitated to recyclable, interesting materials, programs about bullying, hands on hands on hands on, kindergarten ideas. . .

    Do what you know! That always seems to be the best advice! What about collaborative art in the classroom?

  2. Do what you know!


    Popular things were hands on workshops, bullying related anything, kindergarten ideas, anything with recyclables.

  3. Do what you know!

    You do great collaborative art work at the elementary level. I think any connection to social emotional learning would be interesting to see.

  4. Mr. E I just typed 3 comments thinking they weren't getting through!!! Ooops you don't have to post them all:) That would be weird:)

  5. Well, you already have my opinions about what NOT to do. But what to do? Hmmm....

    From someone who has absolutely NOTHING to gain by what you decide:

    I think anything dealing with the Common Core would be really timely.

    Or, perhaps something about management of collaborative installation projects - you've had such big success with your Chihuly and bottlecap projects.

    Or with assessment being in the forefront today, perhaps people would be interested in some concrete ideas about evaluation/assessment/critique etc.

    Or else - just some real detailed info about an especially successful unit/project/lesson?

  6. I received my BGSU Magazine today and was pleasantly surprised to read the article on you about being teacher of the year and your gratitude towards BGSU faculty. I could not agree more with you! BGSU prepared me so well, and I only continue to hear wonderful things about how well prepared their educators are! Congrats to you! :) Jen

  7. I would GO to the convention if you would put together a presentation on the Chihuly projects that you've done in the past. I would love to walk away from a hands-on workshop with one or two (or more!) projects completed and ready to take home and teach to my students.

  8. How to teach abstract concepts to concrete learners.

  9. I've been thinking about this post, even though I should have already gone to bed: the only hands-on workshops in NYC were the paid workshops. Someone needs to present them, right? Why don't you do something hands-on? I know at my state conference the Friday night workshops are paid hands-on workshops and the presenter gets the $$ (after they have paid for their materials). With good planning they can make out quite well.

    For a topic, like Erica and Pat already suggested, maybe a hands-on Chihuly thingy. I know I for one would LOVE to see how you made your bottles without the tissue paper falling apart in your hands. (I even tried another art teacher's method of using tin foil underneath -the tissue paper STILL made me crazy.)

  10. You should definitely do a Hands-on Workshop. Those were the most popular and sold out if you had to pay for them in advance!
    Also, you can talk about all of the murals and collaborative projects across grade levels that you've done and how to put it together to make it work successfully.