May 11, 2012

Paper Sculpture Creatures: 1st Grade

These are my teacher examples.  
I don't know if I've ever posted pictures of my teacher examples because I mainly want to show off my student work!  
I was just having too much fun with this project though & thought I'd share!! 
You will see the blue guy again down of my students must have really liked my example. ha ha

They start with a TP roll, a pipe cleaner, and full access to the scrap box.  Half way through the class I start having students bring their little monster/creatures up to glue googlie eye balls on.  They pick what they want & where they want them...and I hot glue them on(googlie eyes & Elmer's glue are not friends!!).  We talked about how they could be inspired by emotions, animals, monsters, or aliens.  Next week we'll be finishing them up, and creating a landscape collage for them to live in!


  1. Too cute, Ted! That pink one looks SASSY! :)Pat

  2. Ahh another great solution to my ginourmous scrap box and also those extra TP rolls I accumulated. Love it!

  3. From another blog I discovered glue dots and they hold goggly eyes, and the kids can do it them selves. They also work on those gems the kids love.

  4. Bonsoir de France.
    Ces petits monstres sont craquants, votre blog que j'ai découvert par hasard et sympa et certaines photos sont très droles.
    Mon anglais est sopmmaire mais je dis I love your blog

  5. Hello my French friend! I'm glad you enjoyed the the little monsters!! Please come back and visit often!! :)

  6. I found googly eyes at our local dollar store that have adhesive backs like stickers. My 2-year old can even use them! :)

    PS: LOVE this idea...think I'll borrow it for my Kinders and 1sts! :)

  7. i make these kind of things with my grandkids, they love it,

  8. Question: How did you go about getting them to wrap the TP roll with paper? Did they tape it or glue it on? I can see my 1st graders having a bit of a problem with this fine motor skill. I do love the idea of using up some of my rolls and scraps. I know the kids would love creating these! Thanks for sharing

    1. I had precut paper to wrap around the tube....they put the glue on the tube..wrapped it...and then put the glue on the one non-attached end and attached it.