September 15, 2022

TGE Scarecrow at Cheekwood: Lady Rosinfair

Every year Cheekwood Gardens has their Cheekwood Harvest festival and invites area schools & organizations to create scarecrows to go along their garden pathway.  This year the theme was botanicals grown at the gardens.  I selected the Rosinweed.  Imagine a very tall yellow daisy type flower (I had not heard of it before?!?).  Last year was my first year to participate...and I learned a lot through my mistakes.  It will be up till the first of Nov.  Scroll down to read the amazing story my 2nd graders came up with. 

Lady Rosinfair  (inspired by the Rosinweed)

Lady Rosinfair came to life when a magical princess longed for a friend cast a spell on her favorite flower. They danced together as the breezes blew, shared secrets in the sunlight, and played together in the rain.  (based on ideas from second graders at TGE) 


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