August 25, 2022

I surprised my life long friend...

Jennifer Haught and I have been friends for over 40 years.  We were in the same class K-8th grade at Midway Elementary (Not River Elementary like they said in the wasn't built way back then! ha).  We then went to River Highs School together.  We didn't have many classes together, but we had over an hour bus ride (one way) where we perfected our story telling and comedic chops!   Even though we went completely different directions after high school....we never lost touch.  There are forever friends.  The fact that we were both in education gives us much to talk about.  I admire her so very much.  She is the type of teacher you dream of having.  I watch the news online from back home, and saw they had the Golden Apple Award for educators.  I read the rules...and anyone could nominate a deserving person.  NO MORE DESERVING A PERSON THEN JENNIFER HAUGHT!!!  I was thrilled that she received the award...and it just about killed me that I couldn't tell her.  We need to be about the business of uplifting one another.  Teaching is not easy.  We need to spotlight the people that are making a difference...and who give the profession a great name!!  

So proud of you & the difference you are making in the Ohio Valley! 

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