August 19, 2022

1st Week Collaborative Project

At the beginning of every year, I do a collaborative project with the whole school.  This year our theme is GROWING TOGETHER.  I thought leaves would be an appropriate subject matter.  We talked about color families & pattern.  Students used Sharpies to trace their pencil drawings & markers to color.  They were so beautiful & vibrant.  I  displayed them in 7 black frames around the main hall of our school & this large bulletin board in the 3rd-5th grade hall (all students pass it on the way to specials/related arts).  I'm so excited with how it turned out.  The students are loving hunting for their special leaf! (each student made two)  


1 comment:

  1. Love reading about what you do. I wish I was a kid again, I am a senior and will start to have fun with colors with my grandkids Thanks