April 06, 2022

Yarn Storage & Distribution

Some have messaged me and asked how I handle the "yarn situation" in my room.  How I do things is not THE way....it is just a way.  You need to figure out what works best for you in your situation.

Many years ago I asked our "carpentry team" (I'm not sure that department exists any more?) to build me some wall shelves in two places in my room.  One I keep supplies on that we use frequently and I need to be accessible to students.  The other is used for storing student art(I have baskets for each class). I purchased Sterilite shoeboxes and drilled a whole in one side(using sharp "adult" scissors...be gentle when you push it in...because sometimes the boxes crack).  If you are on a budget.. collect 2 liter bottles and cut the bottom off them & feed the string through the top.  You can hot glue them together to stabilize them. I teach the students to go up (2 at a time) and get their yarn as needed. They pull a wing span out (finger tip to finger tip arms wide opened) and cut the yarn at the lid below the box they are pulling from.  I have little issue with this...my students are respectful and do a good job(because they LOVE WEAVING!!!).  

My specialty yarn...I keep it in a 10 gal plastic box.  When we use the specialty yarn, I spread it out on my classroom counter top so they can see what I have available to them.  Once again, two students at a time are allowed to go up to get their yarn.  I have a cup with scissors next to the specialty yarn.  They are allowed to select one specialty yarn that they can use up to 4 times in their weaving (I tell them it isn't special if they use it a bunch! ha ha)


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