April 05, 2022

4th Grade Weavings: IN PROGRESS

Before we started with our weft string, we talked about "themes" using color that students could use in their weavings. They needed to select five "normal" yarn colors.  Once they had woven the first five, they were allowed to select a specialty yarn to add to their weaving(they also could chose not to use a specialty yarn).  We talked about how different yarns can cause "challenges" while weaving(pompom yarn, eyelash yarn, blanket yarn..etc). I collect specialty yarn in odd places...and only when it is on sale!! 

This is our second class time working on our weavings. They hate when I say time is up!! Weaving is something that really reaches students in a way other mediums do not. We will work two or three more class times to finish these.  If students don't finish...I open my classroom to them in the morning after the first bell & before the second (about 15 min).  There have been days in years past where I've had 40 students in my room weaving.  

Here are a few examples from my students.

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