April 09, 2022

Stained Glass Window Cling

I have always wanted to do this.  My window looks out to an unkept courtyard & a brick wall. I like the light…but not the view. I had seen them at Home Depot/Lows, but the selection was small and nothing that I was really excited about.  I'm a little late on the Amazon bandwagon (just this past year ordered my first item), but they had a TON of options. You have to be careful though because of size vs price...they can get ya if you aren't paying attention!  This was not my favorite design(that would be a roll that cost $50 and would not have covered the whole window!), but I really liked this one and felt it would work well in my room.  OH MY GOODNESS!!  I was not thinking about the light it cast into my room.  IT IS SO PRETTY!!!!!  We need happy spots in our day...and seeing my floors glowing with beautiful color....LOVE!!!!!

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