March 24, 2022

Spring Kinder Paintings

Don't come at me about "PRIMARY" colors! I know that is debated in the online art education groups. I am not one that preaches red/yellow/blue.  It is, however, what I have on hand to use.  I'm using lids for the paint, 12x18 construction paper, big flat brushes, and tempera paint.  We've painted using markers, watercolor pencils, pan watercolor, and now tempera.  They are pretty good with following basic techniques/rules. I showed them how to mix the colors, but let them experiment.  If they end up with brown is a learning experience. 

Video of My Class At Work

Notice how quiet the room is!  They are allowed to talk while they work, but they were so "into it" that they were silent...UNTIL...the one boy says, "Painting makes me tired." ha ha 

*I never show the students full face unless I have parent permission. That was one good thing about masks!! ha ha

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