March 30, 2022

7th Annual Art With Mr.E Summer Workshop

Jill is a big fan!! 

Are you looking for a fun summer workshop that actually pertains to what you teach?!? Do you want to hang out with other art teachers from different districts/states and share ideas, struggles, and encouragement?Do you want to use creepy doll parts to make even creepier art work? (Wait?  That isn't a strong selling point is it? Forget you read that!! ha ha)  

Years ago I realized that there were so many art teachers that didn't have access to professional development that dealt with what they taught.  Usually that is because so many teach in smaller districts that do not have many art teachers. I have lead PD in my district for years...AND LOVE IT!!  So..Art With Mr. E Summer Workshop was born.  This is not really a money maker for me (I try to keep the cost low because I know so many won't be reimbursed by their district!).  I do it because I really love working with other art teachers & being an encouragement to them and the work they do! 

Over the years...this summer workshop has become an extended family! 
I'd love for you to join this fun art family!! 


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