April 28, 2021

Paint Sticks & Collage

 Today my students created a character using paint sticks ( Sargent Art ) & collage.  Since we've been back in person, I've really tried to do projects that use supplies we just weren't able to use during virtual.  They LOVE the paint sticks.  I had them create a "character" and simple background using the paint sticks.  They could use food items, objects around home or school, or even clothing items.  I told them not to make the face though.  We would be creating the face and any additional items using collage.  I think their pictures turned out super cute.  

One of the reasons I had them use collage for the face is because my students sometime struggle cutting out circular objects.  I believe part of this is because they no long use scissors in the classroom to do cut & match activities like they use to do. (like matching words or placing vocabulary in a sentence)  That coupled with the fact that many do not do crafty/arty things at home as much as they once did....we have some struggles in the scissor skills department!! 

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