April 13, 2021

Dollar General Wood Burning Tool Review

 As a kid, I always wanted to have a wood burning kit.  They looked so cool. However, my parents never bought one for me.  We were poor, and that was kind of an odd purchase....so I get it.  I also now get the fact that wood burning tools get SUPER DUPER HOT!  I don't know if I'd let my kids play with one!?!?  ha ha  A couple months ago I saw a wood burning tool at Dollar General in their beefed up craft section for only $10.  At first I resisted the urge to get it.  Do I really need another art related hobby when I have trouble keeping up with creating "real" art?  When I went back and saw that it was no longer there...I realized I had missed my opportunity.  I went to four different locations to see if I could find it...AND I DID!!  So I bought it.  Here is a video of my first experience using a wood burning tool!!  


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