April 23, 2021

4th Grade Weavings

 Here are some of this year's 4th grade weavings.  I want to be honest with you....this was not my favorite year of weaving with the 4th graders.  Not because of the students or their work, but because of the looms.  I had ordered pre-notched looms, and I guess I typed in the wrong thing and did not notice.  I never...NEVER....get these thin looms.  I like to get the ones that are 9 inches wide.  I hate fussing with sending things back...so I decided I'd just use them.  I felt like I had more issues with the smaller looms.  One of which was it seemed much easier to hour class & it was more noticeable. If you like them...GREAT!  For me though...I'll be ordering the 9 inch wide next year!!!!  

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