October 13, 2020

Not To Early To Think Turkey!

This is from last #turkeyaday.  I created this one from my hospital bed (was in the hospital
 for the first week of Nov & at home recovering the rest of the month and into Dec!). 

 We are in the middle of #pumpkinaday & it has been so much fun to create and see what is being created!  I heard from some that they were glad I "warned" everyone about #pumpkinaday so that people could plan ahead.  So I decided I'd give you a heads up about #turkeyaday coming in Nov.  This was actually the first month long art challenge I created (4 yrs ago?).  I always tell people that even if no one else joins in...I'm going to continue to do it.  I need these type of challenges to get my creative juices flowing.   So if you want to join in....PLEASE DO!! Maybe think of a theme you could use to create your turkeys.  One year I made a paper doll turkey and dressed it up everyday as different things (He-Man, Phantom of the Opera..etc).  

Found this cute turkey at Aldi yesterday!!

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  1. Love the title of your post! The challenge sounds fun. Keep up the great (creative) work!