October 19, 2020

Anyone else going to log a few miles?

This is basically what I’ll be walking every day! I’m teaching in my room, but have to get the kids...take them back...go back to my classroom and clean...then go back and get the next class...on and on. Plus bus duty in the morning and afternoon. Fat boy might lose some weight this school year!! 😂



  1. Why is the admin. having you walk the kids to and from art? I am still teaching in my room and the teachers bring their kids to me. Of course we don't have any time between specials. Its back to back kids except our plan and lunch time. Just wondering how they arrived to this.

    1. In a normal year...we have back to back classes and teachers bring their kids to us, but in the age of Covid...thinks are wacky. We have 15 min between classes so we can walk the kids to their rooms...come back and clean our rooms...and then go get the next group. For me...it is just enough time. In order to do this..we had to take 10 min from our planning...and 5 min. from classroom teachers. They would normally lose the 5 min. anyway...going to and from dropping or picking up kids.