July 27, 2020

Scaring Myself In The Art Room

Today was the first day we were allowed back in our school (there was a change over in custodial companies...which left no one to strip and wax our floors for part of the summer).  We are doing virtual school for at least the first month, and many teachers are opting to teach online from their classrooms.  I went to do basics....put furniture back and place & start getting all the things I packed up in a hurry in March back in the proper places. 

Well, I thought I’d be funny as I was getting ready to leave and put my hair dresser’s dummy head in my door window to freak out passers-by.  I ended up deciding to stay longer, and ran out to get lunch. When I returned and opened my door.... I about let out a scream!  Laughing it off, I went about working for a couple more hours.  Before leaving, I decided to use the restroom at school.  When I returned to get my things....you guessed it...I almost screamed when I saw the head!  
You would think I had learned my lesson at this point....but I left it! We will see tomorrow if I let out a scream or not?!?!?! 

1 comment:

  1. A friend gifted me a display stand years ago that I hang my lab coats and rain gear on. The top of the stand will hold a hat but my bobcat puppet resides there with a hoodie pulled up over his head. All this looms at the entrance to my office and has scared the crap out of so many coworkers that I have lost count. Glad other's boobytrap their room for the unsuspecting and themselves.