July 31, 2020


Multitasking during our back to school online inservice today! Was able to repaint 12 tulips!! We are “Tulip” Grove Elementary & use the tulips outside our doors w/ teacher names on them & clips so info can be left without bothering the classes. When a teacher leaves, gets married, divorced, or enters the witness protection program (that hasn’t actually happened...and if it has I couldn’t tell you!!!!!) ...I am tasked with repainting it and writing the new names on them (I’ll start that next week!). My 20th yr doing these!
When I arrive at Tulip Grove, the flowers were spray painted red or blue...and the leaves green. I repainted mine....one day the principal popped into my room and said...”I like it...now redo everyone’s!“ 20 yrs later...I still am!!

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