July 24, 2020

Looking Out For You

At a professional development I led up in Elizabethtown,KY....I was given a face shield to wear.  I knew about the mask, but was surprised by the face shield.  However, I'm a rule follower....and if that what they wanted me to do....I'd do it.  Within a minute or so.....my face shield was completely foggy.  (I've since been told to try bar soap to the clean the inside, lipstick, and/or shaving cream! There is also a product divers use on the scuba masks to keep them from fogging up!).  I ended up not having to wear it for long.....because it POPPED off my head!  I have a very large head....and it broke the band across the face shield!!  ha ha  It got me thinking though about when we do go back in person.  We are going to need a few masks each day to make it through teaching.  They become moist from talking/teaching...and it would be uncomfortable to try to make it through an school day with only one mask!  If we have to wear face shields...hopefully you can try out one of those things to prevent fogging up (and get one that actually fits your head! ha ha)  

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