October 31, 2019


It's that time again...
The silliest art challenge out there! 

If you are new here or haven't seen this challenge... check out these hashtags on Instagram & Twitter to see what was created in the past: #turkeyaday16, #turkeyaday17, #turkeyaday18.  

I theme mine every year. I've done turkeys in different media, famous art with a turkey appearing in it in some form, and last year I did a  "paper doll".  I made a turkey, and then created outfits for him each day(I thought it was hysterical! Haha).  The possibilities are endless!! Even if no one else joins in...I'm still going to do it!  I'm kind of like Fozzie Bear that way...I make myself laugh! ha ha 

So if you want to do it....just make a turkey & post it on social media with #turkeyaday19 !  
No pressure...if you miss some days...no big deal! 

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