October 17, 2019

Artober Nashville: Inspired by Cassidy Cole

This year Cassidy Cole is our focus artist for Artober Nashville!  She was at our inservice at the start of the school year, and I thought she & her work were just delightful.  I feel that the style & content she creates is very exciting for students to see/learn about.  Plus, it is wonderful for them to see a young female artist that is local!  

I'm using some ideas that Cassidy shares in her video to guide the art work.  I talk to the students about the differences between creating an object & being inspired by an object, expressive color, nonobjective art, and unusual art tools.  I provide the students with RED, BLUE, or YELLOW(Even if they aren't the TRUE primary colors), a paper towel, and a popsicle stick. Review color mixing, ways to use the popsicle stick to apply the paint, and how to clean it off between colors in order to not create a whole lot of brown.  Then I let them go!  They have LOVED IT!!!  I love the variety/individuality of the works.  SO MUCH FUN!  Next class time I'll allow them to use oil pastel to add some structural lines to finish the work.    (The art images are student work from Kindergarten & 3rd Grade)

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  1. I am able to tell them I am aware of what they're doing. I would absolutely suggest them on your next upkeep!