February 10, 2019

Sunday Devotional With Mr.E: If You Love

If you love art...one would expect you to speak often on the topic, visit museums and galleries, watch art related programs, read art related materials, create your own art work, and/or gift art related items.     What we love is reflected in our life.  It can't be contained.  We want to share the joy art brings to us.  Think about an amazing art exhibition you've seen.  Don't you share that experience with your friends, family, co-works...and at times total strangers.  Art has a way of impacting us so powerfully that we want others to experience it as well.  If you said you loved art, but did not reflect that love anywhere in your life....one might question the validity of your affection.  

Dear children, let us not love with words or speech, but with actions and in truth. 
1 John 3:18

I feel many Christians often say they love God, but fail to follow through with that love by their actions.  It is easy to share platitudes without proof.  If we say we love God...shouldn't that love have a transformative affect on our life? Wouldn't meeting the maker of life itself impact us in a way that would season our speech, move us to action, change how we view others, cause us to reflect that love we say we now know?  If others can not see a difference between us and the world...do we truly know this love we say we claim? Love impacts every area our life. What is it that you truly love? You will see it in your speech, where you invest your time & energy, and through your relationships with others.  If you love God...you will see it reflected. 


  1. So true! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. So very true. Important question, what do I really love? Is the security of a paycheck or is it people? I do love the subject of Art. I also love my country and consider teaching in public schools to be patriotic, for the sake of our multicultural community and students from diverse family backgrounds .