February 07, 2019

More Bang For Your Buck: Color Diffusers

Sometimes I like to try something new/different.....and hope that it works!!
Doing a teacher example would eliminate the unknown, but I like to live on the edge like that! ha ha

I had my 1st graders work on overlapping & composition by filling a page full of their favorite veggies & fruits.  They traced their drawing with Sharpie after finishing the drawing.  I then had the students create a "fairy" animal.  They made the heads, wings, arms, and feet.  The middle will be added when they cut them out later(as well as using construction paper crayons to add more definition to their creation).  We sandwiched their completed diffuser circle between their two images with a spray or two of water on each layer(including the top).  I then pressed each "pack" of images to make sure the diffuser was touching completely & that the water completely covered EVERYTHING!  The kids LOVED watching this process...they were so excited to see the colors bleed out & mix together.  It was magic!! 

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