February 06, 2019

Stencil Revolution

I was contacted by Stencil Revolution to see if I'd like to try out their products. They did not ask me to write a review & did not pay me for a review.
You can check them out here! >>>> https://www.stencilrevolution.com/ 

I'm always up for trying something new....ya never know when you are going to find a gem!

Here is what I received! 

(Sorry it's upside down! My iPad was acting weird...or it was operator error?! ha ha)

The stencils are laser cut & made from a Mylar plastic (durable!). A little masking tape on each side secured the stencils to the paper. For this first test run I used liquid tempera.  Though over all it worked extremely well...the watery nature of liquid tempera did cause it to seep under the edges a bit for the tile design. If I used a thicker tempera or acrylic I don't this this would have been an issue at all!  Clean up was super easy! I placed them in warm water after I was finished and used a wet sponge to wipe them down. Check out the results below.  
Though I don't use stencils in my art class, I've been thinking about it more & more in print making & mixed media lessons. I shared with the company how a "teacher pack" might be very beneficial!!  Smaller sizes with a variety of designs bundled together....like a leaf/nature pack, patters from around the world, or geometric designs.

I see these designs being awesome for Gelli Plate prints & like products!

I'm a music person too...and love this set!!!

How can you not love this turtle!!!!!!!!!!!

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