August 30, 2017


I've seen many teachers on several of the awesome social media sites that keep us connected...who are new to teaching or new to teaching art.  As a new teacher, you could become baffled by the variance in a given classroom.  How do you encourage & grow students that are all at such different points.  The answer is simply....GET TO KNOW THEM!!!!  As you get to know your students and their art will be able to tell if they are really putting the work into their creations...or if they are just messing around.  Once you have a good idea of their will better be able to encourage them toward growth! 

This student worked the WHOLE time, but erased a lot, and then ended up drawing with their crayon.  They are new to me, and I know that it will take a little time to help them along in this.  

This student did a great job, but rushed their coloring a bit toward the end to finish.  That is an easy fix.  Encouraging the student to slow down, and to mind their craftmanship.  Done is not always better if it isn't their best. Encouraging them that it is ok to be "unfinished" will help this student improve their work.

This student did a wonderful job, but was frustrated by not getting all the details done they wanted.  I LOVE THIS PICTURE!  However, you have to keep in mind what the artists expectations are.  Help them adjust their expectations...or reassure them that they will be able to finish another time.  This way they don't become frustrated in your classroom!!

Every year is different.  Every class is different.  Every student is different!! Enjoy the differences...and embrace the joy of helping your students become the best artist THEY can be!!!

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