July 21, 2017

REVIEW: Dollar Tree Marbling Kit

Dollar Tree is one of my favorite places to explore!
You just never know what you'll find!!!
A week or so ago I found a paper marbling kit.  
I was curious, but not so sure what to expect.

You fill a container with regular tap water, and then squeeze & swirl the color onto the surface  (note: you have to clip the ends...or risk causing the tube to blow!)  Don't stir/swirl too much or it will muddy the color.  Once it looks as you wish...lay a piece of paper on top of the water.  It doesn't need to rest there for long.  Place the paper on a flat surface to dry.  

It turned out surprisingly well!  It could be a fun art club project, at home with your kids, as a reward for a small group....but the shaving cream with paint is a better bang for your buck when working with a larger number of students (though a whole lot messier than this Dollar Tree kit).  

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