June 25, 2017

Sunday Devotional With Mr. E: The Moment

. I will never forget the day I saw Vincent Van Gogh's work for the first time in person.  I was visiting a museum and turned the corner to come face to face with four of his paintings.  The placement was perfect.  The lighting was perfect.  It all seemed so perfect.  I sat down on the bench that was situated facing the wall of Van Gogh's work, and soaked in that moment.  I think I could have sat there all day. For a time I just sat in awe.  Then I began to observe the color, texture, movement, and subject matter of each piece.   I once again sat in awe.  I thought about all I had studied of Van Gogh, the history that surrounded the work, the life these paintings had lived, and the fact that Vincent himself had touched each painting with his masterful hands.  I went back to setting in awe. In that moment nothing else seemed to matter.  I was in the presence of greatness.

One thing I ask of the Lord, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to seek him in his temple.  Psalm 27:4

Sometimes we get distracted with life.  Even when we know we should be living in the moment we can find ourselves thinking about what is next & all we have to do to accomplish that task.  We could be distracted by relationships, work, home, or play, and all the would have, should have, could have that wasn't regarding those things.  It seems rare that we can embrace "the moment" and be fully present there.  Our minds are preoccupied on the past, present, and future and it rob us of the moment.  I believe if we take the time to know our God, work on the relationship we have through faith, read His word, spend time talking to Him through prayer, and just "BE" in His presence...we might actually experience more of what the author of Psalm 27:4 is speaking.  If you read this verse and find yourself disconnected from the author's heart/meaning....maybe you need to slow down & get to know your God better.  If I hadn't known all that I did about Van Gogh, if I had not studied, if I had not spent time looking at images of his work....I probably could have walked by with just a passing glance. But because I knew Van Gogh & his work....I sat in awe.  Because I recognized the marks of the master....I had to set quietly in the moment & take it all in.  I see people pass by many things in our world today...not realizing the Master's hand in it.  I want to be someone who can embrace the moment, and praise the Father for who He is & what He has done.  I want to set in awe of Him.


  1. Beautifully written! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Thank you for that analogy. I felt the same way the first time I saw his work and my daughter of 8 (at the time) would not budge from infront of one of his bedroom paintings, even though the museum was crowded and pushed by...she sat down and wouldn't budge. I would love to think that is how she would react to living in the moment with God as well. I am going to share this with her. Thank you for your beautiful devotional.