June 06, 2017

Reflecting On A Year That Was

So even though school has been out for over a week now...I've been back to my room 3 times!?!!?  
I wanted to finish cleaning my supply closet (my one place of disorder in my room), and wanted to start prepping my bulletin boards for next school year.  Today I'm back because I forgot something I needed for the summer.  In another week or so I'll be back to start setting up for my summer workshop?!?!?!  I promise...in July...I more than likely will not be back to my room (I think?).  

With my room looking like this...it makes me very reflective of what I've done, what I could do better, and what needs to change.  We all need to tweak things...even with 20 yrs under my belt...I know that I've not arrived & can not cruise on through till retirement (which is probably not in 10 yrs when I hit the 30 yr mark of teaching...because I'll only be 53 & I'll have an 18 yr old, a 16 yr old, and a 13 yr old!  Yep...Mr. E will be teaching till he is a 100!!! ha ha)  I had an especially odd year with my diagnosis and subsequent 101 trips to the doctors (I'll share an update soon on my health!!).  I'm looking forward to getting back to "normal" & being more mentally/physically present doing what I love!!!

What are your tweaks/changes for the new year?

(My room is going to be very colorful this year...after the past few years being more subdued)

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