October 09, 2015

Modular Art Cube Wall: Almost Ready


I'm getting very excited about the Modular Art Cube Wall we have been working on!  I realized I had been sharing photos on Facebook, but not here on my blog?!?!  I'm slipping!!! ha ha  

The ceiling tiles were donated to our district for the art teachers.  They are sound proofing tiles...so are fairly heavy(not good to hang on the school walls).  I decided to turn them into cubes...using hot glue to attach.  At our Fall Festival..I had my room set up with the cubes & plates of color.  I loved seeing families gather around painting!  One mother got so lost in painting...she looked up and realized her kids had left & an hour had passed by!  ha ha  

There are a few more sides to go...and I'm wanting to give them a coat of tempera varnish(just to give it a bit of protection).  I'm hoping my teachers will come in on Monday during our planning day!  I have a supportive faculty that enjoys getting messy when I give them a chance! 


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