August 10, 2015

Painting With Kindergarten On Day 1

So I shared with ya'll in a post about painting with all my classes on their first day in the art room(5 day cycle/5 classes per day).  Today was Day2 for us...but the first day Kindergarten came to special areas.  AND YES...I PAINTED WITH KINDERGARTEN ON THEIR FIRST FULL DAY! 

Here are the details...just in case the thought of it scares the pee out of you!!
(it is Kindergarten...pee on the floor happens! ha ha)


I was not going to pass out my usual water cups! ha ha I decided to place sponges in rectangular pans I had, and saturate the sponge enough to leave a little bit of water laying the bottom.  This worked out extremely well.  Students had enough water to paint with, but even if they would have knocked one off the would have made minimal mess.  At the end of the class just rinse out the pan & sponges, and they'll be good to go.

With my other classes I'm using tempera paint, but I'm just not that brave with kindergarten.  BIGGIE CAKES WATERCOLOR (or you could use tempera cakes) are one of my favorite go-to supplies with the little ones.  I wanted to limit the color I placed wide painter's tape over the colors I didn't wish the students to use.  I do trust my kindergartners a little later in the year, but being the first day and not knowing the students at all....better safe than sorry!

I did precut the circles they were using, but they were asked to draw out their design before painting. I was so impressed with their drawings & painting.  I don't really believe the results were "normal"....but I'll take 'em!!! ha  ha  I still have four more kindergarten classes to go....we'll see how the rest of them do!?!?  I had the students bring their work over to two empty tables in the back of my room.  They did not drop them, spill paint, or stack them on top of each other.  WOW!  

So friends....the moral of the is worth the risk!!  Be organized, modify, and have wet towels & cleaner at the ready!!   



  1. Hi Mr. E- how large were the circles and did you have them draw circles inside their circles? Also, are you doing a Kandinsky display with warm and cool colors?

    1. With my kinders I'm using the book The Dot for inspiration. With my older students I reference Kandinsky, because last year we did a school wide Kandinsky unit. The colors are going to be kind of a rainbow gradation. Day 1 I did Blue to purple. Yesterday I did blue to green. Today I'll do yellow to orange. The circles are about 9 wide as I could make on a 9x12 90lb paper. My older kids draw and cut their own...but I precut K's.

  2. this is a great idea :) one of my art teacher friends posted one of your lesson :) thanks

  3. Hi Mr. E! I will be teaching kindergarten art for the first time in 10 years! I'm excited and nervous about it because they are soo little. How long is your class period for art with Kinders? I typically have a 40 minute block with my grades 1-5, but will have only 30 minutes with K.

    1. I see all my classes an hour a week. You may want to ease back into a self portrait to see where they are at developmentally.