August 12, 2015

Day2 of Painting the 1st Day of Art!

So this was Day2's offering!  Day two went well...and my Kindergarten students did an AMAZING job on their section.  I was totally impressed.  However, as I was finishing assembling this...I was in the midst of Day3.  Day3 did not go as smooth.  Larger class sizes(we have two 2nd grade classes that have 27 students..that is a lot for us..but I know is nothing for some of you all), EL students that did not understand all my directions, and some not so great combinations of students.  I always want to be honest with ya'll...everything isn't roses and sunshine in Mr. E's world all the time!! ha ha  It was a challenging day, but I'm still enjoying painting with all my students the first day of art!!  Two days left to go till I've seen all my students!! Stay tuned!!

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  1. I'm about to try this out with my 2nd and 3rd graders. What were the color groupings you did?