August 20, 2015

Bulletin Boards & Displays: 2015-2016

I really love creating bulletin boards.  Honestly...if my district said they'd offer me a job creating boards across Nashville...I'd probably do it! ha ha  Something about cutting paper that just soothes the soul.  My room also lends itself to a person that enjoys such things!!!  Some boards never change.  Some change a little each year.  Some are totally different/new.  I hope you enjoy.  Let me know if you have any questions.

This is my version of "The Earth Without Art is Eh!" 

The examples I have up on the board(teacher made) have names representing kids I went to school with back in the day!! ha ha Where I grew up...elementary school was of each grade, and pretty much the same 18 kids all 9 yrs(a couple left/came/failed).  Then I went to a small consolidated high school....and still saw most of those kids on a daily basis.  Just a little way to remember my roots being that I'm 9 hrs from "home" and seldom get to see them any more.  I'm an old softy..what can I say. ha ha

Yep..the good ol' No-No Board.  Love it or Leave works for me!

I try to come up with a new "reading" board each year.  Here is this year's offering.

This use to be the "front" of my room.  That little chalk board was all that was there.  Once I got my large white board...and then technology...the room shifted.  I took the bulletin board that was on the wall where they put the white board..and had them flip it vertical.  I also installed metal sheets on the other side so I could have a magnetic word wall.

I didn't use this last year...and really missed it is back!!!

I always try to refer to my map so kids know where in the world things come from!!

I found the word strips at Dollar Tree!! LOVE THEM! I used sheet magnets on the back.

Got tired of the kids asking if I painted the Van Gogh picture I re-purposed it this year! ha 

I have the 4 standards above the board with the explanation beside them.  TN has not adopted them, but it is how we're being assessed for the teacher I'm using them!!  The section between the 3rd and 4th grade area on the board is their journal entry space.  Each week they have a 10 min quick draw of a word...where I challenge them to be as creative as possible.  I also have them write two sentences explaining their drawing.  

I redo my above the door sign every year to match my color theme.  I use fun foam to create it..and just hot glue it up there!!  I like how it sets my room apart...and adds a little color to the hall. (not a fan of the ice blue they have it painted..blah)

The last week of school I always have my students create turtles so I can have art hanging in the hall at the start of the next school year.  I have them make them in the color of my room's color theme.(this requires me to decide on a color theme prior to school letting out!!).  The kids always love trying to find their turtle.


  1. Great displays!! Always a great example. I do have to ask.. where did you get that awesome suit of armor? I'm doing medieval/Renaissance for my art show this year I'm thinking...

  2. friend's school was going to get rid of it(was in the library) I asked if I could have it!!