July 07, 2015

VBS 2015: Journey Off The Map

Some of the things I've been up to this summer.....

Every year I paint the set for VBS....I LOVED doing this years theme!!!  
The canvases are 20 ft long...and 8 ft tall.

I'm also in charge of crafts!(Imagine that?!?).  We set up stations on the floor that will accommodate up to 6 children.  Our largest groups were around 40 students(Our VBS is about 250 students.)   

We actually finger painted?!?!?! I never do that!!!  ha ha The kids loved it though, and the pictures turned out great.

We took group pictures of the students...so one of the crafts was a doodle frame.  We later laminated them, and placed magnates on the back.  They turned out great.

Here are my kiddos in front of the waterfalls!!  

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