July 08, 2015

#jfj15for30 Challenge

During the month of June I participated in Journal Fodder Junkies Art Challenge!  SO MUCH FUN!! The idea was to create for at least 15 minutes a day in your art journal.  This was a good exercise for me.  I've found it very difficult to create with all that I have going on with....LIFE! (3 kids..6 & under) I didn't realize how much I missed my own creative pursuits.  Each day there would be a challenge prompt....so you had some direction, but fueled by your own creativity.  You can find mine & others' work if you go on twitter and search #jfj15for30.  You can also learn a ton about art journals and such at their website...  http://www.journalfodderjunkies.blogspot.com/


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