February 14, 2014

Very Mixed Media Bugs: 4th Grade

Tempera Paint, Collage, Sharpie, Watercolor Pencil, Glitter Glue

DAY1:  Tempera Paint Background - We discussed color: primary, secondary, analogous, tints.  
Students selected 2 colors they wished to use & created an over all patter in tempera paint.
DAY2:  Collage bugs using pattern paper & outlined in Sharpie.  
DAY3:  Complete bugs/Sharpie, draw spider web using watercolor pencils, and glitter glue accents in the same color as their paint.  

This didn't turn out exactly like how I had pictured it in my mind, but the kids really did enjoy it.  I was thinking it would be a bit more sophisticated & less cartoonish.  Oh well, they are still bright & attractive..and will look great in the art show!   


  1. These are really pretty. They will look terrific in your Art Show!!!


  2. I think they look great! So many things can be incorporated in a lesson like this...line, shape, color, pattern, balance, symmetry...love it!