February 05, 2014

There's a Bug in My Fruit: 2nd Grade

My students created these still life drawings from their own imagination.  They were asked to include a bug somewhere in the fruit bowl.  After coloring with the fruit & bowl with crayons, we used watercolors to create the background.  They used one color for the wall, and two colors for the table.  I had them place plastic wrap ontop of the table area to add a bit of texture.

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  1. Fun idea. You should show your students the work of painter Rachel Ruysch, who lived in the early 1700's. She painted these GORGEOUS still life paintings, and usually, if you look carefully, you'll find insects tucked in there somewhere. Great historic connection!

  2. Just looked at what I wrote above and perhaps it wasn't clear. I was trying to say that YOUR lesson was a fun idea. It looks, upon my rereading, like it says that showing the paintings of Rachel Ruysch is a fun idea. It's a GOOD idea, maybe, but FUN probably wouldnt be the right word for that.