February 20, 2014

Something Fun for the Baby!

So we are about two months from Caroline Joy 
going from an inny baby to an outty baby!!!  
I found this little onesy at Dollar General...had to get it!!!! Thought it was pretty perfect.
ha ha  If you are a prayin' person...please send one out for my wife today!  She did not pass her first glucose test...and is now doing the 4 hour one!!! Not fun for ANYONE...and when your pregnant..I can imagine it is pretty horrible!  She's not had an issue with the first two....so the idea of gestational diabetes is a bit scary.  We already have LARGE babies naturally....if she has gestational diabetes....
we may have to take the baby even earlier!


  1. I hope she passed the test! Cute onesy :)

  2. Love the onesy! Will keep your wife in my prayers. My daughter had to go though this and I know how difficult it was for her. Prayer is powerful, hope the test results are good news!

    1. Charmaine...we just got the news...she doesn't have gestational diabetes!!! PTL!!!!!