January 09, 2013

Pout-Pout Pinch Pots

If you've been following my blog for a year or two...you'll know how much I love The Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen!  If you don't have it...here is the Amazon link  BUY IT ...YOU'LL LOVE IT!!!

In our curriculum for 1st grade we have pinch pots starting off the nine weeks.  Pinch pots are great & all...but a little boring in & of themselves.   You've probably seen a number of other ideas on Pinterest or your fav. art blog of how you can jazz up the lesson.  I love doing fish & underwater units, and this fits in perfectly. 



The Pout-Pouts gathering place!


  1. Love the pout-pout fish... one of my favorite book to read to my minis. Cute project!

  2. I did this fish pinch pot lesson (found on Deep Space Sparkle) with my second grader and kindergardner last night and we are huge fans of the storybook Pout Pout Fish so it naturally morphed that we pulled out the book- I was looking to see if anyone had already tried this with a class...of course you had- its a great idea. I also see teachers using this for reading, writing and speaking skills...I see some great tie-in possibilities. The fish is so personable in the story book and has the catch phrase all kids love- Blub, blub, blub...I love saying it. When you get you fish built, you can say it for your fish...and talk about what makes you or your fish sad or glum...and then of course life gets better when you realize you need to spread the cheerie-cheeries instead of the drearie-drearies all over the place.
    For art the fish is seen in various positions, not just 1 simple position, and the decorative aspects are many. My girls wanted to make their (air dry clay) fish the purple fish with longer hair-like fins...I gave mine a mohawk...and when it come to surface we used glitter, sequins and wiki-stix...with real clay it would have been fun glazing polkadots or stripes, etc.
    I also like the supporting players- the clam, the octopus, etc...I think Denise Deisen created a winner with this book, and props to the illustrator Dan Hanna.

    BTW- I found Dan Hanna has a great fortune teller for the story (my girls loved it), and at singastory.com they have put the book to music with a youtube video- wow. fun stuff.

    wish me luck as I am trying to get an art teacher position next year! meanwhile I have lots of time to research!

    Cheerie, cheerio!