January 18, 2013

Postive/Negative Space - 2nd Grade

Our curriculum had a still life lesson to start the nine weeks....but I wanted to introduce some other things into lesson lesson.  If you've ever done positive/negative space with your students...you know that it can be challenging.  However, I feel it is really important to get them to consider the space around the main objects in their work.  I'm pretty proud of my kiddos!  I also allowed them to use watercolor pencils for the first time.....THEY LOVED THEM!!! 


  1. My 6th graders love watercolor pencils - the concept of paint inside a pencil, so to speak, is amazing to them. Any time I say we're working with watercolor, they ask for the pencils. These negative/positive spaces are very neat! That 5th image (pepper?) - I just love it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Creative and aesthetic painting with vivid color presentation. Nice presentation.

  3. Gotta admire the work of these kids. It is really something. I could add something like this in my next lesson plans.