June 28, 2011

A Studio Space Just The Right Size

So my 2 yr old daughter loves to color and paint with daddy!  I've had her in my lap painting with me since she was a few weeks old (I was in the midst of my masters program when she was born).  I don't get much done then when I have her in my lap working, and I thought she was getting to the age where she could work a little more independently under my supervision.  We found these unfinished table & chairs at Jo-Ann's for $28.  I struggled painting them(I used a Poly-Stain..not a fan).  So far so good...she loves to set and color at her table and chairs.  I may need to get a rug to put under it if I'm going to let her paint! ha ha  It's right beside my desk in my studio.  Quality time together arting it up!!


  1. Check out the Land of Nod Catalog/website (It is Crate and Barrel for kids) they have "splat mats" that would be perfect...just oil cloth with a finished edge, though I am sure you could make one as well but theirs are really cute!