June 02, 2011

A Mess & A Preview

So this is our last day(teachers) and I'm finishing up packing my room(we have to every year so they can clean the floors and such) & doing my bulletin boards for next year.  If you look to the back of the picture..you can see a glimps of what next year is going to look like.


  1. Have a great summer of fun art with kids (camp) and the babe! Do something with Margie's hand/foot prints they change so quickly!

  2. Gee can't believe you're already getting the boards ready for next year. That's true dedication! Do most teachers in the States work during summer? Our kids start in January and finish in December. They get 11 weeks of vacation which is spread during the year.

    Enjoy your summer!


  3. Have a great summer!
    I'm so glad I got to know the blogging art-teachers! I'm really going to miss looking at all the projects and pictures!
    Wanted to say thanks for shouting my blog out on yours again! I get lots of visitors from your link!
    Before we know it, it will be september again!
    Until next time :)

  4. Anna, many of us work during the summer. Just depends on if people are married...if their spouce also works(and if they have a good job). My wife is not going back to teaching in the fall..she's going to stay home with our 2 yr old..and soon to be newborn! So I'm trying to work extra things to make some more $$ ha ha. We got done June 2...but go back that first week of Aug. Kids come back second week of Aug.

  5. Our kids go from September to June. July and August are summer holidays.

    I always found it too long ... but now with my son, it will go very fast I think.

    Enjoy the newborn, they grow up so fast!