March 09, 2011

Self Portraits - Kindergarten


We're over half way through the year, and I like to revisit self portraits a few times in Kindergarten.  Today we talked about how shapes make up our body & what parts connect to what(though I still had one student tell me after his head came his foot?!?! ha ha).  I loved what my kiddos came up with!! Some of them really added a lot of interesting details. 
I have a student in this same class that I really want to help, but I'm at a loss of what to do?  At this point of the year, she is still not even giving me a head with arms and legs coming out.  I just don't think she's developmentally ready.  Any thoughts?? 

Here is the image that she gave me.


  1. I LOVE self portraits when my kids do them, I encourage them to do one at home about once a year and I keep ALL of them! Someday they will be really interesting to look through all of them to see the progression of their art. As reminder I never ever said I would not be an art nerd mom...I have become a minivan driving soccer mom and may even have boy scouts, but I will be the art nerd mom!

  2. I wouldn't worry about that one student - looks like they aren't developmentally ready for the next step.

    I had a student who was the step above this - cookie people. Heads with arms and legs coming out of it - no bodies. He drew bodies like this until half way through 2nd grade. We did a lesson on dancing and movement for our portraits -- the he drew a picture of himself dancing and all the sudden there was a body!

    I'd encourage this student and just let them keep creating -- the cookie person will appear and then one day so will the body. This student just needs to draw shapes right now.

  3. I agree with Ms. Novak. I have a student who draws similarly, and are severely delayed in all areas. I let her work along with us on her own. Sometimes the occupational therapist comes and works with her during art, but she just needs lots of practicing.

  4. Give her some shapes of construction paper to build a person, sometimes young ones just need an opportunity to visualize a person in a different way with out having to conceptualize it themselves in a self drawn manner. We use hand writing without tears in our school district for our kindergarten classes and they have "mat man" which is a song, and wood pieces plus a mat body that the kids build him as they sing the song. I am sure if you google it you can find the song and or a video of this process. It has helped my 4K kids tremendously at the start of the year better conceptualize the parts of a body and thus their self portrait drawings (I have them draw a self portrait each month to help record their growth and understanding). Just a thought. SueG