March 07, 2011

Alien Sculptures - 2nd Grade

This lesson came out of the Chihuly lesson from the fall.  The students cut the water bottle in half and then wrapped it with tissue paper.  Yarn for hair, pipe cleaners for arms, and whatever out of the scrap box to finish them off!  (googlie eyes added by me with hot glue just to make sure they didn't come off)  The students loved it...and I was so happy to see the
 fun personalities come out as they added to their bottle creatures!! 


  1. Fun!
    Question: when you say you "cut the water bottles in 1/2" what do you mean? What exactly did you cut off? They don't look bottomless, or are they?

  2. Good question Phyl...

    They squeeshed the middle section of the bottle and cut it there. Then they popped it back out and slid the top half over the bottom half(some needed to trip a ring or two off to make it work..but they all got it).

  3. How cool! Yes summer fun int he Willer house will include the Chihuly lesson and an alien one too! SO that is June and July, now I need an August! And yes it will take that long to do all of the projects between all of the other summer stuff and adding in mommy annoyance!

  4. this is a cool idea - what was the reason you had them cut the bottles - to make them smaller? i am just wondering if i could do it wihout that step

  5. ROBIN...yes, I just wanted them to be shorter. You could totally skip that step!!! :)