March 14, 2011

Art Show, Aliens, & An Odd Day!

WHAT AN ODD DAY!!!!  We are having a make-up day for one of our many snowdays, but today was suppose to be the start of spring break?!?  3 weeks ago they(the powers that be...whoever they are) decided that this would be how we'd make up one of our days.  Then they tell need to be their and your students need to be excuses.  Spring break trips are often planned at the beginning of the school year when the school calenders come out.  So as you can imagine, there are a ton of teachers & students across the district who did not come today.  I heard we have 140 students absent(out of 520).  My classes have been we have been prepping some things for the upcoming art show(April 7th).  I decided to create a mother alien to go with my 2nd graders bottle aliens.  It will go in the main lobby of our school with all the baby aliens around it....holding a sign that says..."TAKE ME TO YOUR ART WORK". 
 I crack myself up!

The start of Mama Alien.

She's pretty cute!

Gosh I love my job!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I want to order one ;-)
    It's so cute!

  2. She's fabulous! What's her internal armature? Just cardboard boxes or what? What are you using for your papier-mache goo?

  3. Boxes, Styrofoam, Paper, and Tape! All leftovers from my daughter's birthday party last week!!! ha ha

  4. I love the bright cheerful momma alien. "Momma Mia!"

  5. TOO funny. I love art that makes me laugh! Great idea!

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