February 27, 2011



March is just a few days away...and hopefully my bloggie friends know...it is YOUTH ART MONTH!(also Music in the Schools Month..make sure your music teachers know this!!)  So I want to hear what you all are doing to promote YAM?  Any fun special activities? Art Shows? Contests? Special Projects? Parent Nights?  Maybe your state has already sent out a list of ideas for you?  SHARE!!!!!!  Leave me a comment or send me an e-mail over the next week...and I'll post a list of YAM ideas!!!!!  Together we can positively impact our communities with the arts!!!  CAN I GET AN AMEN?!?!?! :) 


  1. I wish we had something like that here in Europe ...

    I'm amazed with those projects to advertise art. I never heard of Youth Art Month or the sketchbook challenge ...

    Makes me want to move accross the ocean! LOL

  2. We are doing YAM over here in Iowa, too. We have an annual art show (which two of my student's works were selected for. We have an governors art show, and student work from around the state is chosen to be hung in the governors office! Can you think of a better way to help our public officials remember the importance of arts? I can't! Look forward to hearing the other ideas.

  3. Thanks for getting the ball rolling! I started looking for ideas and found this list!http://www.acminet.org/YAM%20List%20of%20Ideas.pdf hope this link works:)

  4. In our building I have written a brief daily announcement that will be said during the morning announcements over the p.a. I worked with your technology coordinator to have a rotating gallery of famous works of art on each desktop computer. An easy one is to pull books off the shelves in the library and make an YAM book display. The librarian is usually really excited about this.