February 12, 2011

4th of July Projects???

We had two more snow days this past week! I'm over it. I believe we've only had one full week of school since coming back from Christmas break. Not only that...the number of absentees have been crazy! Prior to our snow days, we had over 70 students out two days in a row!(we have a little over 500 kids). Grading, Art Show, Mayors Art Show...all gonna be a little crazy this nine weeks...I just gotta accept it! As of right now...I think we're going the first full week of June (we should have been out May 26th). The snow better be done....cause we're getting dangerously close to my summer camps!


  1. Snow days are always disruptive...but they also enable catching up on assignment marking!

  2. Same here. We've missed 12 days so far. I'm over it, too.