February 01, 2011

Alien School Pictures

All my classes are in full Alien/Space/Futuristic mode at this time!  4th grade looked at Mona Lisa, and discussed all the ins & outs of portrait art.  They then created an alien class photograph/school picture.  We used watercolor pencils to color them.  This was a 2 day project.  I'm really thrilled with how some of them turned out!!!  Interesting though...spelling & cleavage must not be important in alien schools?!?!  Take a look and you'll see what I mean!??! :) ha ha To be fair...we were looking at the Mona Lisa for inspiration & she does have some cleavage showing.


  1. I am totally loving up this project! We've just finished portraits for a while, but I'm saving this idea for school picture time next year. I think it's an absolute riot. The formal poses, folded hands etc. TOO COOL!

  2. Thanks Phyl! I'm lovin' them....makes me laugh!!! The kids really seem to seeing the humor in it too...which I love.