November 23, 2010

Winter Mural - K-4th

Last year I had my students create a Fall Mural.  It turned out soooo cool!!  Here is a link to it!!

This year we have just two days before Thanksgiving break.  I did not want Mon./Tues classes to be ahead since I only have my classes once a week.  So my student teacher and I decided it would be best to do projects outside of the units we've been working.  We decided to do a Winter Mural.  High impact..and each child plays a part!! We have collage trees/ snow people/houses, watercolor van Goghish sky, tinted snowy ground, and colored pencil animals. It has been going great...I wanted to show you the start of it! 
I'll post the finished project tomorrow!

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  1. Thanks for posting this soo much! I'm doing it as a back-from-thanksgiving-break project for my es kids! And, I'm posting about it too (I'm crediting back to you of course).

    And, yeah, I thought it was funny too on that listing that they mentioned your art room as being run by a guy! lol.